Adobe has announced InScope, its integrated Web-based publishing system.

InScope works seamlessly with InDesign, InCopy and Photoshop, according to Adobe. This means that different creative teams can exchange their creative work across applications. InScope is a high-end solution, aimed at commercial publishers. It has customizable, integrated, workflow and asset-management features.

The application has built-in support for any kind of digital content. It offers asset categories, which let publishers specify the function of each piece of content, and helps them figure out how to repurpose assets to different types of media. The asset organization feature also provides information about which assets belong to which sections or stories. Adobe suggests that this makes it easier to transfer individual stories – or even entire publications into different media, such as print-to-Web, or Web-to-print. The application does this while preserving the layout of the pieces.

Bryan Lamkin, senior vice president of professional publishing systems at Adobe, said: "Commercial publishing today involves scores of people pulling together to deliver high-quality work, under shrinking deadlines, with little margin for error." Fortune Magazine has already adopted Adobe’s InScope system.

InScope will be released in September. Adobe says: "Pricing depends on individual implementation and will be determined by the system integrator."