MarkzWare will launch its new Web-based preflight solution, MarkzNet, at Seybold.

MarkzNet is a Web-based solution that preflights, collects, compresses, captures and job-tickets information before transmitting native digital-documents over an IP network.

Like the company’s preflighting software, Flightcheck, MarkzNet helps eliminate output problems. It uses "drag-&-drop" to preflight digital files, using a set of "ground controls" that are dictated by the receiving repro house or printer.

After collecting job-data such as customer info, paper types, colours and urgency - and running preflighting checks defined by the receiver - MarkzNet collects additional necessary files, such as fonts and images.

Files can then be sent over the Internet, accompanied by a specification file with additional data, such as operator instructions, customer information, or data for automatic routing.