During his keynote speech at Seybold, Apple CEO, Steve Jobs confirmed speculation that the public beta of Mac OS X would be released at Macworld Expo in Paris on September 13.

The Expo kicks off with a keynote speech from Jobs.

Yesterday, Jobs took the Seybold audience through the finer points of Mac OS X. Adobe’s Bruce Chizen and Macromedia vice president Tony Campitelli buried the hatchet and gave a stage demonstration of Photoshop and Dreamweaver running under OS X.

Jobs also demonstrated Mac OS X’s implementation of Java. At a recent Java developers event, Jobs dubbed Mac OS X the premier platform on which to run Java. The multiprocessing abilities of OS X also received attention, as did its implementation of Apple’s de facto game standard, OpenGL.

In a hint of what might be expected in QuickTime 5.0, Jobs demonstrated an OS X-compatible QuickTime player. The three remaining surprises for Seybold attendees consisted of Internet Explorer 5.5, Mac OS X’s built-in Japanese fonts and the OS’s built-in MP3 player.