WoodWing Software has launched Smart Connection version 1.5 at Seybold.

The new version offers improved integration with InDesign and InCopy, and is an automated workflow- and file-management solution for designers.

The application has an improved user interface, so end-users don't have to deal directly with the file system, but can sample work by topic, such as publication, issue and section. Editors can mark stories as "ready", and they will be routed automatically to the next stage in the workflow. Page designers get automatic notification when a story is ready. The application also supports direct messaging, and lets a publication's progress be checked through a Web browser showing thumbnails of all the pages.

"When we started to develop Smart Connection we had a clear vision" said Erik Schut, president of Woodwing Software. "Our goal was to bring the advantages of high-end workflow systems to a broader audience with an affordable file-based solution."

The previous version of the product won Seybold Editor's HotPick status at Seybold. Pricing has not yet been announced.