Apple's senior vice president of worldwide product marketing Phil Schiller gave a Seybold address yesterday that was longer on hyperbole than it was product announcements.

Schiller was addressing the gathering of print publishing and design professionals at the biannual Seybold Seminars in San Francisco.

He claimed that Mac OS X 10.2 speeds-up and expands the capabilities of page layout, Web design and graphics work. But Schiller made only passing mention of any Apple hardware, including the dual-processor Power Mac G4s announced last month. His remarks on the newly released iCal, and the announcement that OS X-only systems will kick-in 2003, were just as brief.

Instead, Schiller spent the majority of his hour-long keynote talking up the merits of OS X 10.2 update, known as Jaguar in the US. "Mac OS X is far and away the best print publishing and design platform,” he trumpeted.

He added: “Apple hopes to have 20 per cent of its active installed base – roughly 5 million users – running OS X by the end of 2003. Right now, that figure is around 3 million users.”

“There are 3,900 OS X-native programs available today,” Schiller continued, lauding developers such as Adobe, Macromedia, FileMaker and Microsoft for their efforts in releasing software for the new OS. “Apple wants 5,000 OS X-native applications available by year's end,” he went on to reveal.