Apple has announced UK prices for DVD Studio Pro 2 and Shake 3.

DVD Studio Pro 2 sees a significant price cut, from £799 to £399. Apple has also reduced the price of its professional-grade DVD-authoring application, DVD Studio Pro to £399. From today it is also offering a £24 upgrade to version 2.

Rebuilt "from the ground up", DVD Studio Pro 2 offers an improved user interface and new templates for DVD menus designed by the firm that designed the DVD user-interface for the Sopranos TV series.

It lets users edit directly on pages, supports up to eight video tracks, and ships with Apple's batch-transcoding tool, Compressor. This lets users transcode content for multiple media types, such as MPEG-4 and MPEG-2. The product ships in August.

Shake 3, Apple's professional rendering tool now offers advanced support for network rendering, and lets users perform unlimited network rendering. It costs £3,799 for Mac OS X, and will be available for IRIX and Linux operating systems. Two versions are available for Linux: Linux CUI (a complete version of the application) costs £7,999; Linux Renderer (which supports rendering tasks only) costs £3,149. Existing Shake for Linux, IRIX and Windows customers can double their existing Shake licenses at no extra charge by migrating to Shake for OS X. Shake 3 ships in June.

Apple will exhibit its new applications for film and video at the UK's forthcoming Production Show in May.