Apple needs to sell more G5s in order to justify its current stock price, analysts insist.

The view comes as the industry awaits Apple announcements on its professional desktop offerings at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) later this month.

Since the Power Mac G5 was announced last summer at WWDC sales have been slow. Apple watchers say this is due to cooling-fan and power supply issues – which have now been fixed. Another cited factor is that Apple CEO Steve Jobs froze-out many potential buyers by promising a 3GHz G5 this summer.

Schwab Soundview Capital Markets analyst Michelle Gutierrez told BusinessWeek: "The upgrade cycle is about to take off within the advertising market. "Most design and publishing companies are using Apple hardware that's four years old. We're definitely talking about pent up demand."

BusinessWeek's Alex Salkever added: "Many Apple adherents prefer to wait a year after a product is released to buy the second generation, which tends to be more polished. That year will be up later this summer, and potential G5 buyers will likely feel more comfortable making a purchase of a field-tested system.

"Jobs will have to come out with some speedier G5 machines at WWDC or risk looking like a flake.

"Most analysts doubt Apple will be able to roll out a 3GHz G5 in time for this year's WWDC. One reason may be Apple's chip supplier IBM, which has struggled to meet production demands for the existing G5 chips."