Apple stock price remains above $30 per share this morning, with investment analysts predicting yet more upturns.

CBS MarketWatch reports that Apple's stock is performing better than any computer stock right now, citing statistics such as its 75 per cent rise in value across the last 52-weeks as proof. "Clearly Apple leads the market", it says.

Now trading around a 52-week high, the report advises that "the stock is set to challenge higher price points", adding: "The stock is now free to fill a gap that occured on September 29, 2000 when it dropped from roughly 50 to 26 in a day."

Apple's shares stayed down for over three years, but the stock is "very much benefiting from a powerful advance that will likely hit a wall near $50", the report advises.

The report suggests investors prepared to play a long investment should hang in there.