MacPopUp is a new shareware program for exchanging messages across a local area network (LAN) from a Mac to any operating system.

The software is compatible with Microsoft’s WinPopup application, and similar applications in other operating systems, so Mac owners can send and receive messages to colleagues using Windows 95/98 or NT, Linux, or other Unix systems.

MacPopUp sends text messages to individual users or whole workgroups, and can determine how many machines are on the network. This means that users’ names don’t have to be input manually.

The program supports Apple technologies, such as Text-to-Speech. In this way, MacPopUp can be left running in the background and the user can carry on working while listening to incoming messages. It also supports AppleScript so its functionality can be expanded.

The shareware is downloadable from the MacPopUp Web site, with a suggested retail price of $25 for a single user. There are discounted prices for multi-users.