UK music recognition service Shazam Entertainment has launched a new subscription-based mobile and online music service, the Ultimate Music Discovery Engine.

The service extends the company's existing mobile offering by adding online features and mobile phone shopping. Essentially the service lets users identify any music they are interested in simply by dialing a number (2580 in the UK) on their mobile phone and pointing it at any loud sound source.

Intelligent software then matches the fingerprint of the audio to a 3.5-million track database, dispatching the results to the end user by SMS. You don't need to register to use the service, but it costs £0.50 for a successful identification (plus network charges). If you are a registered user, your tags are filed on a page you can access online.

The service also offers subscribers a way to buy associated products - CDs, ringtones, downloads and more - using their mobile phone. Shazam is working with Amazon, Ticketmaster, iTunes and Kelkoo to provide this service.

Andrew Fisher, CEO of Shazam, said: "We enable users to not only identify and purchase music when and where they hear it, but also allow them to access a broader selection of material related to the track – with the choice of precisely which format they want to receive it in.''

Two subscription tariffs are available: £3 per month lets users tag unlimited songs when they're out and about; for £4.50/month they can tag songs while also receiving two additional products, either ringtones or full track downloads.