Macromedia has released a Public Beta of Shockwave Player 3D.

This beta integrates Tron, the 3D, low-bandwidth solution jointly developed by Macromedia and Intel. It is now available for download, along with examples of Director 8.5 Shockwave Studio-authored content.

It uses adaptive 3D geometry - a set of dynamic algorithms that enable 3D content to have multiple resolutions. It automatically increases or decreases 3D quality based on the computing power of each user’s system. It supports cartoon rendering, and effects including smoke, fire and vapour.

A company spokesperson said: "The beta preview will ensure outstanding issues are addressed prior to launching the final product, by testing far more content than we could test internally."

Macromedia wants feedback from beta testers, and has set up a feedback page for testers to communicate with its engineering team. It expects that its 3D-enabled Shockwave Player and Director 8.5 Shockwave Studio will open the doors to a flood of 3D animations.

Shockwave Player 3D Public Beta is available for download today.