Apple has a package that it sells alongside a Mac called One-To-One care. But what is One to One and is it worth getting? In this feature we look at what you get for One to One and if you should pay for it?

What is One to One?

Apple One to One care is only available when you buy a Mac. It costs £79 for a year’s coverage and you get a range of Apple services along with your product. Essentially One to One is direct help from an Apple Expert and access to a range of courses at the Apple Store. The Apple Genius will help you set up a Mac and the training will enable you to get the most from it. There are three types of training available:

  • Personal Training. Apple offers an hour of time with an Apple Trainer on any topic of your choosing
  • Group Training. You can learn new skills and share ideas with other One to One members about key topics.
  • Open Training. You can work individually on a topic but a trainer will be available to answer any questions.

What One to One training topics are available

When you sign up with One to One you’ll be able to attend Apple sessions on a range of topics. These include:

  • Getting Started on your Mac, iPad or iPhone
  • iCloud
  • Mail, Contacts and Calendars
  • Apple apps (iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, iTunes, Bento and so on).

It’s worth noting that Apple runs these sessions virtually every single day, so you can get an awful lot of training for your money. But you can only sign up for one session at a time, so you typically sign up for a session then look ahead to the next one.

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What else do you get with One to One care

You also get access to a custom Apple website and your personalised One to One page. This is where you can make reservations, read tips, and view information about products.

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Is One to One worth it

The One to Training is of a very high quality and it can help newcomers get much more from an Apple Mac. We think it’s a great deal for what is potentially on offer.

It does depend on how much time you want to  spend at the local Apple Store learning how to use a Mac though. Potentially you could visit hundreds of the Group Training sessions, which is where you’ll learn the most. This could be an excellent way to get the most from your Mac. If you go once a week that £79 price tag is a huge bargain.

If you are coming from the world of a Windows PC to a Mac then the £79 is also worth paying to get the file transfer completely. The Mac experts will help you copy across all your photos, music and files, which can be a huge time-saver over trying to do it all yourself.

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Apple One to One group training

What is One to One compared to AppleCare?

Don't’ get One to One confused with AppleCare (another product Apple sells alongside new Macs). AppleCare is an extended service and support program that gives you a three year warranty with your Apple Mac (two years with other Apple products) along with 90 days of technical telephone support.

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