Apple is attending the network show Pervasive 2003 to promote iChat AV.

Pervasive 2003 promotes speech-recognition technologies, voice-over IP, mobile-networking, infrastructure and so-called "smart client" software, as well as games. It is aimed at senior strategists in telecoms and media companies, enterprises, technology groups and analysts.

iChat AV is a revamped version of iChat software, and supports video and voice conferencing, in addition to IM features.

The Pervasive Web site says: "This is the only venue providing new business-models, cost-saving opportunities and business alliances that arise from the mixing of wireless technologies, Internet infrastructure, advanced speech processing and hosted services."

Various sessions will explore such topics as wireless photo messaging and speech recognition. The event also features extensive tracks looking at the emerging Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) standard, which promises powerful communications features and is already supported within Windows XP and has been adopted within such enterprises as Reuters and BT.