Apple has announced its all-new and ever-so-tiny iPod shuffle, a 1GB device that costs £55.

The new-breed music randomiser is nearly half the size of the original and just half a cubic inch in volume.

Announcing the new device, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said: "It's interesting, we pioneered the concept of the new small affordable shuffle flash player. It worked - we have sold ten million of them so far."

In appearance the new device is like a large (but thick) postage stamp thats only just large enough to carry a familar iPod control wheel, which works in the same way as the previous shuffle.

The white and aluminium device weighs just half an ounce and features a built-in clip so you can connect the device to your clothing.

Users can choose to playback tracks in a random order (shuffle), or instead opt to listen to their songs sequentially at the flip of a small switch.

Apple promises 12-hour battery life for the new device, which ships with its own USB 2.0 mini-dock, which updates your shuffle's music library through the headphone jack alone.

"It's hard to believe the new iPod is a real music player when you first see it," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. "But it is real, and holds up to 240 songs in an incredibly compact and wearable design."

The new product is expected to ship in October.