Sibelius has released Sibelius Teaching Tools, a collection of educational resources for music teachers using Sibelius in the classroom.

Sibelius is a music-score writer. It handles different time signatures, music styles and musical instruments. It offers playback facilities and is even programmed with the ability to apply its own expression when playing back music. For more information on Sibelius read Macworld's Hot Review.

The product meets all the age and qualification levels of the UK school curriculum. It contains exercises, worksheets and dozens of music files on CD-ROM.

Teaching tools The 200-page Teacher's Guide includes exercises, teacher's notes and a complete music primer detailing everything from note names to chord inversions. The Guide is indexed according to level, subject and duration of the exercises.

The Student Skills Guide is a mini-manual of the features of the application - it includes exercises and an illustrated guide. The CD-ROM contains supporting files, musical examples, PDF versions of the student material – so teachers can print extra copies as required – and dozens of musical scores. The scores include material from classical musicians, as well as traditional songs.

Sibelius Teaching Tools cost £49, but will ship free with large site licenses.