The Live 8 recording of Sir Paul McCartney and U2's performance of "Sergeant Pepper" would never have happened without Sibelius music notation software.

Record producer Sir George Martin has revealed how he saved the day for Sir Paul McCartney at Live 8 by using Sibelius.

Sir Paul McCartney was preparing to perform the song when with only hours to go, he realized that there were no French Horn parts, as the song had never been performed live by any of The Beatles.

With help from friends

He called Sir George Martin, who had written the parts in the first place. Sir Martin had his laptop with Sibelius loaded with him and, realising the parts' whereabouts was "a mystery in the sea of time", he immediately set about re-writing them completely from memory in Sibelius. 

The Sibelius file was then emailed across the Atlantic and the Live 8 concert began in spectacular style with Sir Paul accompanied by four French Horn players in full Sergeant Pepper costume.

Sibelius 4

Sibelius has also announced Sibelius 4, the first notation program to enable you to write music to video, produce teaching materials in seconds, and instantly revise instrumental parts.

It ships with 1,700 worksheets and curriculum resources developed in collaboration with educational specialists, and a range of licensed videos from Charlie Chaplin to Mr. Bean for students to compose to, Sibelius 4 also supports teachers' need for high-quality educational content.