Though the final decision remains to be made, it appears increasingly unlikely there will be an IDG World Expo Apple event in Boston next year.

In a follow-up report on last week's story, which cast doubt on the event taking place, the Boston Globe quotes executive director of the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority Jim Rooney saying: "The early signals we're getting are not good as far as the show coming to Boston, and as far as the future of the East Coast show in general."

IDG World Expo has launched an internal feasibility study to decide whether to take the show to Boston, but has no legal obligation to do so, the report reveals.

The show has changed. Without Apple's support it has become a different event than the one former IDG World Expo head Charlie Greco imagined.

Current IDG World Expo CEO David Korse had more bad news for Boston: "The show will no longer bear the name Macworld Expo. If IDG does decide to hold an event on the East Coast next year, it will be known as CreativePro." Only the San Francisco show will bear the Macworld brand, he said.

Apple and IDG have been meeting, but the nature of what has been discussed is not disclosed. The Macworld Creative Pro show in New York attracted under 40,000 visitors, according to New York's tourist and information bureau. Apple CEO Steve Jobs did not attend the event, because he was upset at Greco's decision to return the show to Boston.