Aspyr is bringing Electronic Art's SimCity 4 to the Mac.

The company is working with i5works to convert the game to the Mac. SimCity 4 is the fourth generation of the macro- and micro-city-management game.

It features new simulations and graphics engines, regional game play and the ability to track the lives of individual Sims as they get through their daily grind.

Maxis executive in charge of production Lucy Bradshaw said: "In SimCity 4 a city comes to life like never before. This is the most responsive, personal and satisfying SimCity yet."

Each city created by a player becomes part of an ever-growing group of conurbations that can be connected by transport systems, and can compete for and share resources. Players can personalize their Sims, moving them into any area in order to watch them live in the big city.

The new SimCity 4 simulation engine gives players immediate feedback so they can react to the city's every need. Individual buildings and their lots now provide feedback to the player who lives there. The game also features a new selection of problems and disasters.

The action takes place day and night, and players have "more impact" on what happens in their cities than in previous iterations of the series.

The game will cost $49.95 when it ships. UK-specific details are as yet unknown.