Version 4.0 of SimpleText Enhancer has been released. Developed by Kagi, the software turns SimpleText into a full-featured application.

New features of the update include a free file-converter utility. Dragging a ReadMe file onto the converter allows read-only files to be converted into editable text, so that any part of documents can be copied, printed or edited. The converter can also be used to create read-only files. Another new feature is keyboard printing shortcuts.

Additional text styles can be selected from the SimpleText Enhancer tools bars. This feature includes a button for either viewing or hiding the contents of the clipboard. The tool bars can also capitalize the first letter of each word in a text selection.

There are two customizable glossaries, and SimpleText Enhancer will count the characters in either a text selection or the entire document.

A free ten-day demonstration version of the software is available. The registration fee is $19.95, while users of earlier versions can upgrade to the 4.0 version for $11.95. SimpleText Enhancer includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.