Aspyr Media is about to release The Sims Livin' Large Expansion Pack – the product has reached final-candidate status.

Though the UK release date has not yet been announced, it's possible to place orders on Aspyr's Web site. Livin' Large offers Sims fans the chance to create rustic, turn-of-the-century houses, garish Vegas-style lounges, medieval castles and retro-sci-fi homes. New characters have been added, as have careers and ways to develop personalities and skills.

The Expansion Pack includes all the downloads Aspyr has released for The Sims. A full version of The Sims for Mac is required to play Livin' Large.

Aspyr will also release Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force, a first-person 3D action game set on the Starship Voyager and built around the Quake 3 Arena game engine. Aspyr titles are distributed by Softline in the UK. The Sims costs £39.