Westlake Interactive has released its fiftieth game title since its inception in 1997.

Title 50, The Sims: Hot Date is an extension to the popular Sims series, published for the Mac by Aspyr. It’s due to ship in the UK later this month, costing £29.99.

Westlake formed in 1997 to port top PC games to the Mac; it has been the powerhouse behind a number of top-selling titles for the platform, including Unreal Tournament, Tomb Raider, and Civilization III.

“When we started the company almost five years ago, we had one goal – to get really cool games on the Mac. We’ve succeeded beyond our wildest dreams – it’s amazing to look back at the number of games we’ve shipped, from those early days of doing Unreal and Falcon 4 to our latest games like Medal of Honour: Allied Assault” said Glenda Adams, Westlake’s president.

The company employs eight programmers, and is currently working on a number of eagerly anticipated titles, including Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast.

“We’ve got some of the best programming talent in the industry working for us. We couldn’t have reached this important milestone without their incredible work,” said vice-president Phil Sulak.

Game-on Looking at the state of today’s Mac games industry, Adams said: “The Mac gaming market is doing very well, and Westlake is very excited about the new games we’re working on for Christmas and beyond. Mac gamers should see huge announcements from us over the coming months; it’s going to a fun time to be a Mac gamer.”

To mark the release of its fiftieth title, the company is offering a selection of commemorative T-shirts and other memorabilia online.