The Sims: Vacation, an expansion pack for the popular game, is being ported to the Mac – soon after the UK release of The Sims: Hot Date.

Work has begun on the port, games developer Westlake Interactive said. The pack is at Final Candidate status, and Mac-port publisher Aspyr has begun a wave of advertising in the US.

The Sims: Vacation takes Sims to tropical beaches, rustic woodlands or winter ski slopes.

Here comes the neighbourhood Like Hot Date, the previous expansion pack, Vacation offers new neighbourhoods – where holidays are whiled away. It also offers 125 new items, including a tent and a selection of new characters – including the fearsome Beach Shark. There's also the constant possibility of danger ahead: travellers can suffer pickpockets, out-of-control kids or even a digestive disorder.

The expansion pack will be Mac OS X and Mac OS 9.x compatible. It's system requirements include a 233MHz processor and 192MB RAM, but these may change.

UK release is likely to be delayed as Electronic Arts goes through the procedure of getting the title approved, UK distributor Softline said. As such, the product's unlikely to ship until October.