The BBC has published an interview with Web pioneer, Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

The interview was broadcast on the television channel on August 9, and sees the Interner Knight talk about how blogging is, "closer to his idea about a read/write Web".

The interview is available in full online.

Berners-Lee believes the Web reflects humanity, in all it's good and bad attributes.

The Web reflects humanity

"I see (the Web) as a substrate for humanity, I see it as something on which humanity will do what humanity does and the questions as to what we as individuals and we collectively do, are still just as important and just as much as before, up to us."

He talks about his original vision for the Web as a place where everyone was an editor, as well as a reader. A "creative Web".

Technological advances improved the online experience, but made creating online properties more complex. But blogging puts power back to the people.

Blogging empowers the people

"When you write a blog, you don't write complicated hypertext, you just write text, so I'm very, very happy to see that now it's gone in the direction of becoming more of a creative medium."

He hopes that in 30-years time the Web will become a "universal medium" that is "very, very flexible".

Berners-Lee also wants to keep the Internet open.

"I want humanity to have it as a clean slate. My goal for the Web in 30 years is to be the platform which has led to the building of something very new and special, which we can't imagine now," he said.