Weblog application publisher SixApart and Adobe have got together to build support for weblogging into GoLive CS 2.

The two companies engaged in joint development efforts to build a set of visual tools designers can use to easily create and update Movable Type and TypePad templates from within GoLive.

The new features were announced in conjunction with Adobe's revelations yesterday of the Adobe CS 2 Premium Edition, its design environment for creative professionals.

George Arriola, senior product manager for mobile and pervasive publishing at Adobe. "As weblogging has become part of the communication mainstream, and companies are increasingly demanding that their web presence include weblogs, we wanted to make sure our website creation software incorporated the best possible tools to support weblogging. Our joint development work with Six Apart will make it easier for designers to meet their clients' weblogging expectations."

Palettes of tools that allow designers to create TypePad and Movable Type templates have been built into GoLive CS2. This greatly reduces the complexity involved in creating a complex weblog. The tools are also designed to support mobile weblogging - posting text or images from a mobile phone to a blog.

"This collaboration puts Movable Type and TypePad design tools into the hands of some of the world's best and most accomplished website designers - the two million professionals who use Adobe's products," said Barak Berkowitz, Six Apart's CEO.

"We're proud that our weblogging tools are now built into their flagship website creation product."