Skype will release a new version of its powerful Internet telephony software that integrates video conferencing for both Intel and PowerPC

A report on MacObserver claimed that Skype 2.0 for Mac (scheduled to ship in the second quarter) would support ten-way video conferences, but would be reliant on the Intel processors Apple now employs.

However, Skype later rebutted these claims, saying: "I can tell you without question that Skype for Mac 2.0, including video, when released, will run on the PowerPC architecture."

He added that one feature may be limited on PowerPC "temporarily" - but not video conferencing:

"There is only one feature that potentially will be limited temporarily to Intel Dual Core machines and that is the ability to host audio calls of between six to ten users," he said.

Skype 2.0 for Windows was announced on February 8, and also relies on Intel processors.