With the online Mac community still smarting from Apple's recent attack on three rumour sites, claiming that they had unlawfully published trade secrets, a so called Apple employee has appeared on Slashdot providing detailed commentary on Apple's strategy and product plans.

Some are even suggesting the unthinkable - and ridiculous: that the poster is Apple CEO Steve Jobs himself.

However, while some sites are suggesting that the poster has revealed information about new products, and top secret details of product strategy - hinting that Apple will be hunting him down - the posts don't reveal anything that can't be gleaned from looking at existing products, nor do any of the opinions cited fall outside statements already provided by Jobs himself. In fact as one poster notes (in his assertion that it must be Steve Jobs) "That stuff about watching videos and listening to music is exactly what Jobs said".

No video iPod

The poster begins by dashing any suggestion that Apple will create a video iPod – as Steve Jobs does often. The poster suggests that "A video iPod would be a dumb idea for lots of reasons, some technical, some psychological", and revealing that "if you want to know where we're going with video playback, look not to the iPod but to its considerably less famous little brother, AirPort Express."

He goes on to dismiss the theory that Apple will sell movies and TV through iTunes as "making no sense," because the store is called "iTunes", but he goes on to suggest that with iTunes "huge brand recognition" any extension to what is sold there will be "a marketing decision".

Other hints include that QuickTime 7 has additional support for anamorphic video; and that "subsidiary rights" may make getting video content "not as simple as you think".

In a later post he goes on to dismiss the idea that the Mac mini will be "the device of choice for video content". Suggesting that "it doesn't have anything like the CPU power required for HD playback."