Apple Expo Paris - Europe's leading Mac event - opens tomorrow, and despite the absence of a keynote speech, rumours have begun.

Think Secret suggests Apple may reveal an upgraded Power Mac G5 this week.

Earlier this month Apple confirmed it will not offer a keynote speech at this year's Paris show, which kicks-off tomorrow. Despite the lack of a keynote, Apple CEO Steve Jobs will be at the event, according to Apple.

This suggests that no new major Mac announcements are planned as the company continues working toward migrating its platform to Intel processors next year.

The Think Secret report says the purported new Power Macs will still fall short of Jobs' mythical 3GHz speed promise. They will however run using a better-performing iteration of the currently-used G5 chip, the 970MP rather than the current 970FX.

The new chip is alleged to offer a performance boost, even at the same processor speed.

Think Secret also predicts no new PowerBook revision will be revealed during the Paris show.