Adobe has confirmed that it is dismissing about "260 employees", or 7 per cent of its work force.

In a statement to Macworld, the company said:
"This quarter Adobe will realign and reduce its resources to support our future business plans. A significant part of our ability to execute on these plans and realize our near-term growth opportunities depends on having the right resources in place."

The company's cuts are a result of sluggish sales, but Adobe has yet to reveal which offices the job losses will hit.

All affected employees were notified of their status by end of day last Friday.

The California-based company had 3,557 employees at the end of August this year. It implemented a similar restructuring policy in October 2001, dismissing 247 employees.

Adobe, known best for its Acrobat document-viewing software and Photoshop, it’s market-leading graphic-design product, has struggled in recent quarters with decreasing sales.