Apple US is having difficulty selling its new LCD iMac, reports claim, with the situation in the UK appearing less clear cut.

Demand for the flat-panel iMac has tailed-off, according to Cnet. The situation is in stark contrast to that at the time of the new iMac's launch, when demand far outstripped supply.

A slowing consumer PC market is to blame, the report claims. US distributor Ingram Micro is said to have more than 2,600 iMacs in stock. The message about iMac sales in the UK is mixed

Director of SRS Systems Raj Patel agrees that iMac sales are sluggish: "When they first came out there was a shortage, because people just couldn't get enough. Sales have really slowed down and we are finding it hard to shift them.

"|I think this is largely due Apple's decision to increase pricing of the range."

However, Tristan Blakley, managing director of Dream Tek, said: "Sales are doing very well. Professional musicians are snapping them up for recording studios. This is because of the G4 processor, and because bandwidth is large and fast enough to record and edit digital audio and midi sequencing. Most recording studios are digital and the computer lies at the centre of that."

Apple is not the only manufacturer suffering from declining sales. April was one of the worst months for PCs in recent years, with sales down 22.5 per cent for US retailers.

This news follows Apple's recent profits warning , after which Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs admitted: “Like others in our industry, we are experiencing a slowdown in sales this quarter."