Samsung has announced what it calls the world's smallest digital audio players.

These are: the YEPP Digital Audio Player YP-T5H and the YP-T5V. They are both around 2-x-1-x-1 inches in size and weigh less than an ounce (without their single AAA battery).

Both offer LCD navigation screens and built-in radio tuners. Samsung estimates that one of these players can run on one battery for up to 15 hours. The 128MB YP-T5H will list for $130; the 256MB YP-T5V for $180. Only US details are available at present.

Both devices can play MP3, WMA, and WAV files. To keep the players up-to-date, they come with upgradable firmware that will allow Samsung to add support for new formats.

The players support songs downloaded from MusicMatch and the new Napster, but not iTunes. Why is Apple left out? Mark Farish, Samsung's marketing manager said: "We don't want to support iTunes at this time."

Samsung is using SRS Labs' WOW technology to improve the sound. WOW uses psychoacoustic tricks to fool your ears into hearing deep bass, even when your speakers or headphones can't accurately produce it. Samsung has also managed to fit a microphone into both players.

Both devices can also display the lyrics to the song being listening to and ship with software you can install on a PC that lets them link up to an online lyric database similar to the Internet's well-known CDDB, but not as extensive. Farish estimates that the database now contains lyrics for "close to 100,000 songs," and admits that these are mostly "top 40 songs; popular music."

The players can also work as USB 2.0 storage devices.