Glucose has introduced Surfboard 1.0 for Mac OS X, an application that summarizes Web pages and searches for specific information.

The application is configured as a proxy within a Web browsers Preferences Menu. It "reduces pages to their most important points and highlights key pieces of information", the company claims.

Lisa Zorn, the project's lead engineer said: "Browsers haven't really evolved since Netscape 1.0. The Web of 2001 is so dense and varied that Web users need something more advanced and intelligent to sort through them all."

When installed, the application adds a set of buttons to the top of each visited Web page. These offer single-click access to Surfboard's collection of natural language tools. The company plans to introduce additional tools during the coming months. These promise to: "forever change the way people use the Web", the company claims.

Surfboard currently offers the option of highlighting keywords in text. It can also gauge the relevance-levels of text.

Future modules will: interpret multi-page articles for single-page viewing or summarization; summarize linked sources so that concise blurbs will appear when you hover over those links; and highlight text searched for within a document so it's quickly identifiable.

"The power of Mac OS X makes all of this possible without any perceptible slowdown or stuttering in your browsing experience," said the company.

There's a free 30-day demo of the product available for download. The product costs $34.95.