SmartDisk/VST has posted Mac OS X drivers for its Tri-Media and Dual Media card readers, further reinforcing its commitment to Apple's next-generation operating system.

The Dual Media Reader is a USB device that lets Macintosh users transfer data to the desktops from SmartMedia and CompactFlash (Types I and II) cards.

The Tri-Media Reader is also a USB device. This supports floppy disk, CompactFlash and SmartMedia. It offers both read and write capabilities.

In the Read Me instructions for the drivers, the company warns: "Hot-pluggable USB devices are not currently supported under Mac OS X, and can cause kernel panic. If this occurs, you must restart your computer. Copying files to or from Flash media using the Finder is not currently supported under Mac OS X.

"SmartDisk recommends you use the OS X application Image Capture to safely copy files to or from Flash media and a computer. Image Capture will launch automatically when you insert the media into the VST USB Tri-Media Reader. These issues will be corrected in a future update of the Mac OS X operating system."

The updates are available for download.