As promised, Ambrosia Software has released a Mac OS X version of its industry-standard screen-image capture tool, Snapz Pro X.

The OS X-native application supplements the built-in image-capture facilities of OS X. It can be configured to take images with a single keystroke, and lets users define what area of the screen, window or contents of a window is captured. The built-in image-capture utility of Mac OS X confines users to capturing the whole screen.

Snapz Pro X supports multiple image-formats, including: BMP; PICT; GIF; JPG; PNG; TIFF; PDF and Photoshop files. The advanced version of the tool is also capable of recording actions as a QuickTime movie. The application permits images to be scaled, cropped, and colour-depth changed. It can also add borders and watermarks to captured images.

The program is available for download from Ambrosia. It's been boosted with a zoom feature and can automatically generate image thumbnails.

Snapz Pro X costs $29 for the basic version, which offers. An advanced $49 version buys movie-capture capability. Upgrading from Snapz Pro 2 to Snapz Pro X costs $19. Upgrading to Snapz Pro X with movies is $39.