Ambrosia Software has released Snapz Pro X version 10.1.

This version of the industry-standard image- and QuickTime-capture utility adds Mac OS X 10.1 compatibility. It also introduces new features and fixes certain bugs. The updated version is available for download from Ambrosia.

New features include a Movie Guide to show the area of screen being recorded, a separate selection rectangle for movies, and the ability to turn off the Desktop icon previews. Minor performance adjustments in the movie capture feature make the utility perform better if the monitor's colour support is switched to millions. The product-registration application no longer refuses to launch because of a "Fat Carbon" error.

SnapzPro can save screen images in a variety of formats, including bitmaps, JPEG, Photoshop, Portable Document Format (PDF), TIFF, PNG, PICT and GIF. It will record QuickTime movies (new in the OS X version). Images can be scaled, cropped and dithered, and colour depth can be changed.

The full version, including the QuickTime-movie grab features, costs $49. The stripped down version that's not able to capture movies costs $29.