UK development house Softchaos has released Webstractor, an Internet tool capable of gathering multiple diverse Web pages within one document.

The company has engaged in extensive development to launch the powerful new research tool for Mac.

In a release, the company describes Webstractor as: "A browser that captures, edits and compiles Web pages from multiple sources straight into a document".

The tool aims to facilitate the process of harvesting research data from the Web by negating the need to copy-&-paste individual data crops from individual pages one page at a time. The developers explain:

"Webstractor encapsulates your Internet research projects into their own editable, printable documents. It captures every Web page you visit, preserves its format, and allows easy editing like a word processor."

No HTML skills are required to edit the data. The product is capable of automatically capturing all the Web pages a Mac user visits into one document that can be looked at offline later on.

The product also organizes that data, offering a search tool and the capacity to generate a Table of Contents related to the gathered information. Pages taken from Web sites can be cropped and edited, "while preserving an original of the contents, layout and format".

Users can also add their own documents (RTF, RTFD, Text, and Word) to the Webstractor document.

A demo version of the product is available for download. It requires Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later and costs $79 online, or $99 at retail.