UK Apple reseller, Rapid Group has been bought from Softline AG by its existing management team – led by the company's founder John McCartney.

Rapid Group has offices in Surrey, Berkshire, and Dorset, and was launched by McCartney in 1984. He developed a £27 million company before selling on to German software distributor Softline AG in March 2000.

However, the global economic downturn and its concomitant effect on the IT industry has led Softline AG to elect to dispose of non-core activities, such as services, peripherals and hardware sales.

Commenting on this, McCartney said: "The past 24 months have seen some of the worst trading times for resellers across Europe, and the growth of our company was slow to a stop. The buy-out gives us a chance to reinvest in our business to ensure a bright and profitable long-term future.

"I am absolutely delighted to be back holding all of the reins to Rapid Group.”