The Business Software Alliance (BSA) has published the results of its annual survey into worldwide software-piracy rates.

Its results show that, in 2000, world piracy-rates rose one per cent to 37, against the figure for 1999 figures. It is the first time in six years that software-piracy rates have not fallen, BSA says.

It adds that the European software industry lost $3.4 billion due to software piracy in 2000, and finds that one-third of business software worldwide is pirated. Worldwide piracy losses exceeded $11.7 billion "resulting in lost jobs, wages, tax revenues and a potential barrier to innovation and product development world-wide", claims BSA.

The study evaluated sales data and market information for 85 countries in the six major world regions, and was based on 26 business applications. The study compares 2000 piracy rates and dollars lost to software piracy between 1994 and 1999. The full study is available on the BSA Web site.