The Business Software Alliance (BSA) is holding a 30-day truce for UK businesses using illegal software.

Registrations for the truce started March 13 and end April 11. For 30 days after registration, the BSA will not act on any information it may have suggesting an organization is using unlicensed software. Businesses are being offered free use of the organization's auditing tool. Companies can download the BSA GASP audit tool from the new BSA Web site.

BSA's campaign manager Mike Newton, said: "The truce is a formalization of a process that BSA has always offered UK businesses. We understand that some of the illegal software in use is as a result of poor systems management rather than deliberate theft.

"We decided to run the truce to draw attention to the free advice and practical assistance that we offer companies, and to encourage companies to take advantage of them before they become another BSA settlement statistic.

"BSA strongly encourages companies to take action during the truce period before future campaigns are launched."

According to BSA's figures, 29 per cent of computer software in the UK is used illegally.