Sonnet Technologies has finally officially announced its new range of high-capacity replacement batteries for first, second, third and fourth generation iPods and the iPod mini.

In an industry first, Sonnet supplies all the required tools, as well as detailed installation instruction videos (in English, French, German, and Japanese) in each package.

The affordable battery replacement kits help users keep their music players going after extensive use. iPods use rechargeable batteries which subject to a limited number of charge cycles, and their charge capacities become diminished as time passes.

The high-capacity batteries are better than the original ones, with 75 per cent more capacity in the case of the first and second generation iPods, the company said.

The new battery kits are being distributed by AM Micro, which is presently setting-up a network of authorised installers who will install the batteries into iPods for a small additional fee. Of course, users can still install the battery themselves.

Channel Dynamics also distributes Sonnet equipment in the UK.

Batteries for first and second generation iPods cost £23.99, while third and fourth generation battery replacements cost £19.99 (including VAT).