Following its recent recruitment of the engineering team from now-defunct upgrade manufacturer Newer, Sonnet is preparing a raft of new releases this year.

Sonnet is working on making its upgrades Mac OS X-compliant, meaning owners of older Macs - including 7500 and 5400 Performas - will be able to make use of Apple's new OS on its release on March 24. OS X drivers will be available for download from Sonnet's Web site.

Sonnet president and CEO, Robert Farnsworth told Macworld: "Sonnet upgrades will support OS X on some machines, with the exception of NuBus Macs. Our anticipation is that it will support clones, but we can't say so definitively."

The company recently announced the Sonnet Crescendo 7200 G3 and G4 processor upgrades for Power Mac 7200. The upgrade will also support Mac OS X.

With a view to expanding its market share, Sonnet has cut prices across its ranges by 25 per cent, as of February 1. The company will bring multiprocessing G4 upgrades - for current Power Macs - over the next quarter.

Farnsworth was philosophical about the slowdown in the personal computer market. "We've noticed that when people don't buy platforms they buy upgrades."

He also revealed that Sonnet is scrapping upgrades for NuBus machines: "We thought we'd call it a day for these," he said.

NuBus Power Macs do not feature PCI card interfaces – for information about early Macs, visit

Sonnet is now looking to offer USB 2.0 and FireWire interfaces and a series of Rev A, B, C iMac upgrades.

"iMacs need more than just a processor upgrade – FireWire for instance," said Farnsworth.

The company also told Macworld that it is looking into acquiring other companies that will "broaden its technological expertise".