Sonnet Technologies has announced that its Encore G4 processor upgrades are now compatible with all versions of Power Mac G3s. The card ships with a software utility that disables the G4 ROM block in blue-&-white machines.

Sonnet says the cards are easy to install, as no switch or "jumper" change is required. The 400MHz Sonnet Encore hardware will self-configure to run at 4x-100MHz bus speed. In the G3 beige machines, the 400MHz Encore will auto-sense the 66MHz bus and configure itself to run at 6x bus speed.

Sonnet hopes to offer higher speed G3 products as processors become available. The G3 upgrades now run at a maximum of 500MHz.

Pricing and availability in the UK have not yet been established. The Encore G4 400/1M upgrade card hits the United States in November at $999. The higher speed versions come on-stream in the first quarter of 2000.