Sonnet Technologies has hired key engineering personnel from Newer Technology – effectively doubling Sonnet's engineering team.

The company is to open up a new engineering centre based in Wichita, Kansas, former home of Newer Technology. This will be led by Darryl Hinshaw, former vice president of engineering at Newer, who has been employed by Sonnet.

Since December's announcement of Newer's collapse, the upgrade market has been in a state of flux as competing manufacturers court Newer's technical and engineering staff. Newer had established a strong reputation as industry innovators, and its staff were in high demand.

Advances Sonnet claims to have the largest worldwide market-share for upgrades. Sonnet says: "The combined engineering team is credited with virtually all upgrade breakthroughs in the past several years."

Sonnet president and CEO Robert Farnsworth said: "Newer always had very good products, and combining their engineering hardware and software resources with the talented Sonnet team will result in amazing developments in our core markets."

Hinshaw says: "We're very excited to join Sonnet, and to continue working with the products and markets we most enjoy."

Meanwhile, Newer Technology has posted details about its forthcoming bankruptcy hearing. PowerLogix has cut prices aggressively and announced a new UK distributor.

Industry insiders suggest the upgrade-manufacturing market is in tumult as it heads inexorably toward consolidation.