Sonnet announced yesterday that it is developing G4 upgrades that will ship in the fourth quarter 1999.

Sonnet will offer G4 upgrades in speeds of 400, 450 and 500MHz, which will be compatible with most PCI Power Macs as well as early versions of Blue and White G3s. A free utility for blue and white G3 users will be posted on the company’s Web site to test for compatibility.

The Sonnet upgrades provide G4 performance with AltiVec (Velocity Engine) technology, benefiting users who run Photoshop, video authoring and advanced scientific applications.

The company stated that it remains committed to the G3 market. Sonnet’s president and CEO Robert Farnsworth noted: "For most users a G3 performs identical to G4 at the same megaherz. For them, the G3 is certainly more cost-effective."