Frustrated PowerBook 1400 owners will be writing poems to Sonnet Technologies when the upgrade-card manufacturer releases a 333MHz PowerPC G3 accelerator in May. The company claims the Crescendo G3 PB actually increases battery life as well as making the old portable "up to 824 per cent faster".

Owners of the old entry-level Mac portable (released in November 1996 and discontinued in May 1998) have been without a G3 upgrade since Newer Technology withdrew its accelerator last year. Sonnet's European business development manager, Ralf Kratz claims that Newer's G3 upgrade took the 1400's battery life down to a feeble 45 minutes. Newer discontinued its 233MHz and 250MHz Newer NUpowr G3 cards in August 1999.

In comparison, Kratz claims that Sonnet's Crescendo G3 PB actually increases battery life by up to 25 per cent. This dual performance and battery increase is made possible by Sonnet's use of IBM's copper chips that use much less energy and heat, according to Kratz.

It's Sonnet that's won it Kratz claims that Sonnet's sales have "increased dramatically", doubling in the last two months, following problems at fellow upgrade-card maker Newer Technology and strife at XLR8.
The Crescendo G3 PB runs a PowerPC G3 processor at 333MHz at a 2:1 ratio. Backside cache is available as 512K and 1MB options. Sonnet could not provide us with pricing at this time.