Sonnet has announced G4 upgrade cards for NuBus Power Macs.

The Crescendo G4/NuBus is a 360MHz upgrade, with 1M backside cache at a 2:1 ratio. According to Sonnet, the processor will run at 360MHz in 40MHz bus machines, such as the Power Mac 7100/80, and 8100/80, and the Power Computing Power 120.

The G4 processor, however, is limited to run at 9x bus speed, and the Crescendo G4/NuBus will run at 270, 300 and 330MHz in 30, 33.3 and 36.7MHz bus machines respectively.

The upgrade includes: complete Mac OS 9 compatibility; Adobe Photoshop Altivec plug-In enabling software; and Sonnet’s Metronome Profiler Utility software.

It is compatible with the Power Mac 6100, 7100 and 8100, the Performa 611X, the WGS 6150, 8150 and 9150, Power Computing 100 and 120, and Radius System 100, 81/110.