Sonnet has unveiled its new 500MHz upgrades for PCI and G3 Power Macintoshes, at Apple Expo in Paris this week.

Configured with 1MB, 2:1 ratio backside cache, the cards belong to the Encore and Crescendo families.

The Sonnet Encore G3 500 comes with new auto-configuration software – that enables automatic adjustment of the bus speed, without requiring jumpers, switches or control panels. Built for beige and blue-&-white G3s, the card gives a bus performance boost to both. The cards are easy to install, and are compatible with all G3s.

The Crescendo G3/PCI 500 MHz uses a 10x multiplier built into the latest IBM G3 processors. The board is about 10 per cent faster than the recently announced 450MHz upgrade card. The card works with most Macintosh models since 7300, though our advice is always to confirm with your vendor when buying an upgrade, to avoid any particular compatibility problems.

Prices will be announced next week.