Sonnet and XLR8 will provide support for Mac OS X, the companies have revealed.

Apple has announced that only those machines originally built with G3 or G4 processors will be supported by the initial OS X release. Sonnet will provide an OS X upgrade path for some, but not all Macs that have been upgraded with a Sonnet G3 or G4 Crescendo or Encore processor cards.

The Encore/ST G4 Duet and the Encore/ZIF G3, upgrade card will remain compatible with OS X installed in Power Macintosh G4 minitowers. The Encore/ZIF G3 will remain compatible with OS X and future Mac OS upgrades for these machines.
Similarly, the Encore/ZIF G4 is compatible with OS X installed in the Power Macintosh G4.

Sonnet's Tango FireWire/USB (PCI Combo Card) provides Mac OS X compatibility with Power Macintosh G3 and G4 systems with PCI slots.

The Tempo Ultra ATA66 PCI Adaptor Card will be compatible with Mac OS X on Power Macintosh G3 or G4 systems and PCI platforms upgraded with a supported Sonnet Crescendo/Encore G3 or G4 processor card. However, The Tempo card does not support the Mac OS X Public Beta.

A manufacturer of Mac upgrades and expansion products, XLR8 has also announced support for Mac OS X.

All XLR8 upgrades will install and run under Mac OS X in machines supported by Apple. These include beige G3 towers, Blue-&-White systems and early Graphite G4 systems (with non-AGP graphics). The XLR8 MACh Velocity G4 MPe card has been designed to work under OS X and to take advantage of the embedded support for multiprocessing. This card will install and boot under Mac OS X.