Just as Apple reportedly trounced Napster with its iTunes installation deal with HP, Sony may now have bounced Apple in a song deal with burger giant McDonald's.

Reports earlier this year claimed Apple and McDonald's to have entered an alliance under which the latter company would provide songs from iTunes as part of a marketing deal, similar in scope to the Apple/Pepsi co-marketing arrangement announced at SuperBowl 2004.

However, in March the LA Times reported Sony to have bagged the deal, as the company works to create a market chance for its music service in the face of Apple's iTunes Music Store's market dominance in the US. This report was unconfirmed at that time.

Monday's Financial Times reports Sony to have bagged that deal with McDonald's in an attempt to promote its Sony Connect music service. It claims burger-buyers will get vouchers for free music downloads from Sony Connect: "McDonald's hopes to present itself as a modern venue for young people interested in new digital music delivery," the FT observes.

An announcement on the joint marketing plans is "expected this week", the report claims.