Sony plans to unveil new client software next week that will extend its LocationFree TV platform to Macs and a wider range of mobile devices.

LocationFree TV is a platform that streams a live video and audio signal from a base station to client devices. It allows users to watch TV and video from devices in their living room on a remote computer, so long as there is a broadband connection between the base station and the client.

The new client software will be demonstrated in Tokyo on Thursday and is the fruit of two recent licensing agreements. For Mac users the key licensing deal has been made with Kaga Electronics to create a Mac client. The other deal is with Access Co., it covered the development of clients for devices like mobile phones and PDAs (personal digital assistants).

Sony's current LocationFree TV base station, the LF-PK1, supports access from a custom hardware terminal that resembles a tablet PC, from a Windows 2000 or Windows XP-based personal computer or from a PlayStation Portable. The LF-PK1 was launched last year and is now on sale in the US, Japan and Europe.

Access made headlines last year by buying PalmSource last year, while Kaga sells a variety of products under the Taxan brand.