The Washington Post took Sony to task for its Connect music store yesterday, criticizing its format, catalogue and download software.

"How could the Connect music store, unveiled on Tuesday, have turned out so badly?" the report asks.

"This service is an embarrassment to the company that gave the world the Walkman. And it didn't have to happen this way: To see a different path Sony might have taken, just look at the improvements Apple made to its iTunes Music Store and software on April 28, one year after the store's debut," the report says.

Usage rights are sometimes flawed: "Connect permits an unlimited number of transfers to portable players – except for songs from Warner Music Group's labels, which are restricted to three transfers. Ever."

Sony's music download software gets a tough ride too, it is a "bloated, bug-ridden beast of a program".

"It can't copy CDs in MP3 format, and it defaults to storing music in an invisible, deeply buried sub-directory."